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discovery's headquarters in montgomery county. a man walked into the lobby of the building waving a gun with metal canisters strapped to his chest and back. authorities suspect those canisters may be explosives. swat teams are now on the scene and are handling the situation with robotic equipment. police tell us lee has taken a small number of hostage on the first floor but there are conflicting reports of what's actually happening inside. children from a daycare on the ground floor of the building were taken out. the montgomery county police chief says most of the 1900 employees in the building are now out. but some on the upper floors were told to stay at their desks and turn out the lights. they have reports of one shot fired in the lobby. their focus is to get lee out of the building safely. >> at this point still negotiating with him trying to get him to release the hostage
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and surrender peacefully. >> reporter: several media outlets are reporting lee is an environmentalist angry at discovery because their shows aren't doing enough to protect the planet. he was arrested during a protest at the building in 2008. >> thanks josie we'll stay on top of that. hurricane earl you are looking at a live picture from ocean city. looks pretty calm now but earl spun toward the east coast driving tourist from north carolina and threatening to bring damaging winds and waves to the atlantic seaboard throughout the labor day weekend. earl packed a powerful blow to several small caribbean islands. it caused major flooding on an teague ya and st. maarten. cruise ships were diverted and flights canceled. check out the damage earl caused on the british virgin
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islands. cars were smashed by fallen trees. there are reports that a curfew has been imposed across the island. tonight we have live team coverage of hurricane earl from ocean city to baltimore with what everyone is doing to prepare to the storm. let's get right to meteorologist wyatt everhart who is tracking the storm. >> still a very powerful very impressive hurricane here. this is a zoomed in visible satellite view just off the coast of florida here. you can see miami savannah georgia just north of it. several hundred miles off the florida cold front. early this afternoon down agreeded to a category 3 hurricane potential to bounce up tie category 4. we're getting new information out of the national hurricane center. different perspective for you. we'll throw ocean city on the map. you can kind of see the size of this storm, the outer bands now reaching the offshore areas of north carolina. but the core of the storm still
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well south of the bottom edge of florida. so just a massive, massive storm. and here's the latest track as it works its way up the coast expecting to hang on to category 3 status. be right off of cape hatteras early friday morning. as we work into the afternoon hours of friday that's when we expect the storm to be at its closest point to the maryland beaches. this is going to be the big deal through the day friday, and again 2:00 the peak time we'll have earl back to a category 2. sustained winds at 135. those are our newest numbers that would actually bump it back to cat information 4 status. earlier we were down to 125 miles per hour sustained winds. we're going to have much more and the latest on hurricane earl on your forecast all coming you. thanks wyatt. maryland is preparing for earl after the national hurricane
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center issued a hurricane watch for maryland and delaware coast ocean city officials say they are anticipating high winds and rain sliding into saturday. that's where don harris is tonight with more on how the city is preparing. don. >> reporter: well, kelly, on any given weekend ocean city has between 250 and 300,000 vacationers down here. some of the big weekends are memorial day 4th of july and labor day weekend. that finale is 48 hours away. the weather is nice down here now but people are anxious with anticipation not knowing what earl will do. some vacationers might change their plan depending on what the storm will do. >> we're planning onstage through saturday but we may end up changing our plans. i don't know if we want to leave when everyone is leaving
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the storm starts or head out before. we're trying to make that decision right now. >> reporter: well, everybody down here is looking at earl keeping an eye on it. the hotels are booked pretty good. people are out on the beech enjoying themselves. the sun is out right now things are nice. we're going to be talking to the emergency management person later on tonight we'll also keep an eye with them tomorrow. also the mayor is talking with people and we'll be keeping some things we'll have another look at 6:00 and at 11:00 now. don harrison for abc 2 news. >> i know city officials are taking this seriously. what about the folks you talk to there people planning to leave early anybody changing their plans? >> reporter: well, people are keeping a good eye on things right now. some are looking for the excitement of the hurricane quite frankly and they are going to stick around for it. others are thinking about trying not getting stuck driving out of here. so it's a little bit of both.
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i'm sure people's opinions are going to change a little bit getting closer to the event. >> thanks for that report. governor martin o'malley want to warn travelers not to drive to or from ocean city during hurricane earl. he says officials expect there will be a fair amount of beech damage and erosion. earl isn't expected to reach maryland until early friday. o'malley says it's unlikely ocean city will need to be evacuated. the coast guard maryland natural resources police are gearing up for the storm. the can be held a news conference to outline its plan of attack for earl. christian schaefer continues our live team coverage in curtis pay. >> reporter: the biggest piece of advice they came up with from the coast guard is to stay informed keep an eye on what urn earl is doing when it approaches. the coast guard deals with boating community they are very concerned people might have their personal water craft in the water. you have certain decisions to make do you pull that boat out
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of the water do you bring it further inland do you leave it in the water tie it down. those are the types of decisions that boat owners have to make right now so i imagine as the coast guard they are trying to do that for dozens of vessels, dozens of assets all over the area. you can be assured they are on high alert right now. the coast guard of course is preparing to execute any possible rescues that might develop through all this. they are making the decision on what to do with all of their different boats, the big ones 42, 45 feet they are secured in safe locations around the area. coast guard is asking if you do plan to go out on a boat you file what they call a float plan which is telling a loved one i'm going fishing at this marina. basically if you get lost they want to know it. they want that person to be able to call them and let them know you're lost. the coast guard would prefer you stay on dry land. >> we recommend during this event that you stay off the
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water. there's really, there's too much to risk. and with the unknown factors and the way that the environment can be. predictions and the models we don't want to get too much -- we want to if at all possible avoid giving it away. >> reporter: a lot of times if a boat were to cap size you would expect the coast guard to good out execute some kind air reassures cue. but 12 hours before a possible hurricane event very often the coast guard will pull in and will not go out and do rescues because they can't be at risk of losing their own assets. so before the hurricane even before it hits often they will bring their assets to secure them at safe locations and won't go back into full service until after the event is over when they are trying to assess everything, what's missing, who needs to be rescued. so that's their policy. that's what they are going to do. so your best bet if you do have a boat is to stay in for the next couple of days and make
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the sure the boat is secure. thanks a lot christian. strong current and riptides are causing concerns for swimmers and lifeguards along the east coast as earl nears the shore. it happened in a flash. a swimmer found himself caught in a rip current as he was dragged further and further out to sea. >> i felt like i'm trying to get back in it's taking a while. starting to get tired. i saw the lifeguard maybe he could help me. >> fortunately two ocean city beech patrol lifeguards saw that he was in trouble and dove in to make the rescue. it's really been like that since saturday lifeguards making rescue after rescue. coming up at 5:15 we're going to talk live to the ocean city beech patrol how you can stay safe at the beech. residents along the chesapeake bay are also bracing themselves for the potential impact of hurricane earl. jeff hager joins us on how they
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are preparing. >> reporter: there was a time when people on miller island baltimore county took approaching storms in stride. recent history has now taught them to keep their guard up. life has returned to normal for anna cook. >> i got one that comes right up to me. i think it's a male. >> reporter: but between feeding the ducks and checking her crab traps for her daily catch. >> check it 4:00 in the afternoon yesterday. >> reporter: she's also preparing for hurricane earl. >> we're going to be tying up our boats to the pier for the high winds and high waters. we're going get ready. ever since isabel we're going to get ready. >> reporter: when is people cut through western maryland as a tropical storm back in 2003, the tidal surge swamped miller i land overnight and many had to be rescued from their own home. almost 7 years later john ruth is still rebuilding and while
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he'll prepare for earl's worst he won't fret over it. >> you can't worry about it. you got to live your life. >> reporter: elvis will be in the house. david davies is taking earl seriously. >> we have portable pumps fuel for the pumps. tonight we have a regular membership meeting we're going to go over a list of prep and make sure everybody is onboard. >> reporter: the lesson of isabel is to never take any storm for granted. >> in that instance it hit us a lot worse than we not it would be. a lot of our members lost their homes down miller's island and stuff. so we're well aware what a storm can do to you especially if you're not ready for it. >> reporter: firefighters are shifting schedules adding extra
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staffs staffing and preparation for earl they are asking end zones for medical conditions limited mobility let them know in advance if they need help should they need to evacuate. >> thanks a lot jeff. we want you to know as to stay with a be 2 news we're going to have continuing coverage. tomorrow at 4:00 hurricane earl special tracking the path of the storm. a special edition of good morning maryland starting at 4:00 a.m. we're going to have the very latest developments on the storm and its aftermath and always remember you can get the very latest on earl's path on our web site we're going to have up to the minute forecast and the latest updates from everywhere that earl has an impact. we've got breaking details coming out of silver spring with that hostage situation. and then again 5:15 we're going to talk live with the meteorologist from north carolina on how things are looking there as they watch earl. plus shocking video a man is tased inside his own home.
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why things took a turn for the worst. class is back in session how to help your child avoid being bullied. looking at ocean city right now we're sitting at 84 degrees. wyatt's going to have a complete look at your forecast and the path of the storm coming up in just a minute.
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. breaking details on the hostage situation. let's get the very latest from joce sterman. >> reporter: a few minutes ago we told you police were negotiating with the gunman in that situation down at the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. we've been told that man has been shot by police and three hostage did escape the building safely. that suspect has been identified as james lee. his condition at this point is not known. we're only being told he was shot by police who now say they are doing a room by room search to make sure the building is
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clear. they believe all 1900 employees have been evacuated but they are going room by room just to be sure. want to reemphasize for you the gunman in this hostage situation has been shot by police but all three house have escaped safely. we'll bring you details as they break. >> we'll continue to stay on top of this on air and online. in democracy 2010 tonight the fraternal order of police is backing gregg bernstein a can dad for baltimore city state attorney. the group announced its endorsement today. bernstein says he's honored and looks forward to working with law enforcement and removing baltimore from the list of america's most dangerous cities. the baltimore fraternal order of police represents active add retired police officers from baltimore city. early voting begins this week. they will be able to cast votes on friday 11 days before the september 14th primary.
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there are 46 early voting sites spread across the state including 5 in baltimore city. north carolina governor and virginia governor has declared states of emergency. forecasters believe hurricane earl could strengthen into a category 4 storms with winds of more than 135 miles per hour. it strength end again at the top of the 5:00 hour. >> it absolutely did kept kelly. >> . we are back to a category 4 hurricane as it make its way up the east coast. the track a little too close for comfort to ocean city maryland and most of the maryland, delaware and virginia beaches though we think north carolina really most in the track of this storm. with that in mind and with so many people traveling down to the beech here for the big travel weekend, we want to get
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some ground we got captain butch are vin with us. are you there? >> yes, i am. >> butch we know it's going to be a busy weekend for all of your guards some of the best lifeguards in america on the beaches of ocean city. tell us a little bit about what oc is getting ready to do to get ready for the big weekend. >> the thing is every time this year in august we get started we're not doing anything much different than any other time. we're going to respond to whatever conditions exist today as we saw waves build in the afternoon tides change. we saw the surf increase today. we pulled or we asked them to only go knee deep in the water. we'll continue to monitor that. but it's going to be a great weekend on the beech weather wise. >> yeah and that's the key thing butch etch though we think friday could be an unsettled day ocean city could get winds 35, 45 miles per hour that day. the storm will quickly pass on
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saturday. i think if you could mention briefly we know we had trouble with hurricane danielle swimmers getting caught. what do you advise people even when the storms clear the skies brighten up what's the key thing to keep in mind as people take to beech and water. >> actually you're right. the day after. friday is not going to be a problem for us the ocean is going to look nasty. saturday's the day we're most concerned about because it's going to be a beautiful day on the beach but the ocean is still going to be stirred up number one we tell people only go swimming when lifeguards are on duty. check with the lifeguards on duty know their own swimming ability. they might want to choose to stay in closer or choose another activity for that day. each day the conditions are going to get better once friday passes. >> if they see those red flags of course that's going to mean no swimming permitted at all correct. >> again, we're going to make sure we do what's necessary to keep everyone safe, and if they
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just take the time to talk to the guard on their beach and we're going to have our patrols out there a lot of people going back to college will be coming back for the weekend. we'll have all 10 miles of beech will be guarded we will look at the conditions as they exist. we're in a situation where we can make changes minute by minute as conditions change. >> captain butch are vin we know it's going to be a busy weekend for you and some of the great lifeguards at ocean city. use common sense and do what the lifeguards indicate for you to do. thanks so much for joining us today. >> thanks for having us. >> let's get you right into the latest on hurricane earl. large powerful category 4 storm. the recent most recent update out of the national hurricane center coming out just a few minutes ago. you could see well-defined eye wall here. that's an indication of some restrength ening. we have enough warm water to keep this storm a category 4
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for sometime. our most recent computer model runs bring it down to a category 3 as it encounters the outer banks as it moves off of ocean city 2:00 friday afternoon that's where we could have this very windy and somewhat stormy conditions right along the beaches there in ocean city and delaware. that's probably our peak time but we will have large waves and powerful rip current lasting well into saturday. at least you can see hurricane watch out for delaware south through the maryland beaches and hurricane warning now for the outer banks of north carolina. best projection on that beech forecast earl will be close in on friday afternoon. a warm but very windy day there as we go into saturday clearing it out nicely a beautiful 3 day weekend, but we will have high surf and some dangerous swimming conditions. ocean city today not bad at all. blue skies a lot of people on the beech but still pretty decent waves rolling in. hot weather the big story a
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hundred degrees many spots in central maryland today. first day of september coming in hot and sunny. as we look at the current temp 93 degrees humidity at 30%. 96 at the inner harbor 99 frederick. humidity has come up a little bit too but still not oppressive although the humidity will climb in the next two days feeling like 95 now in baltimore 92 at the beech. cold front approaching out of the north and west. high pressure has been in control and off to the south and east. it's hurricane earl's outer bands now, you see this one little band of cloud cover. that's the extreme northern edge of the storm. but this is such a large hurricane that believe me the core is nowhere near us yet. still hundreds of miles away. our forecast model begins to creep in that cooler air but also press in earl out of the south and east. you can see how close of a path this thing takes to ocean city virginia beech and up through delaware as well. so we will get some wind and we
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will get enhanced high tides and certainly some big waves out of it. overnight tonight 70 clear skies tomorrow. hot day back around the baltimore area especially no big deal you would never know a hurricane is knocking on the door tomorrow night not too much different either. but as we check the outlook here you can see earl will be just offshore thursday night into the rest of the period on friday. windy conditions and as you go further and further east friday and then even early saturday morning breezy and just a little bit unsettled but the biggest impact will be out in the water. kelly. >> thanks a lot wyatt. we're going to take a short break and we'll be right back. host: could switching to geico really
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abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea.
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. all right. welcome back continuing our coverage of the approach of hurricane earl now upgraded at 5:00 back to a category 4 powerhouse hurricane.
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you know it's been gaining strength the last several hours here. one of the first places that's expect todd feel the brunt of this storm down in the outer banks of north carolina. places like kill double hills. also kitty hawk and nags head expected to feel heavy rains and winds over the next 36 hours and in fact a hurricane warning issued for that part of the united states. meteorologist scott dean live in kill delve joining us now. scott give us a sense what's going on on the ground south of us about 200 miles on the outer banks of north carolina. >> reporter: i tell you what you would never know a hurricane was headed this way by looking at the sky right now. lots of blue skies out there. light wind coming out of the east northeast, but we are watching the swells beginning to pick up. they have been coming in from the east and picking up as far as their height and pounding on the ocean. we're expecting these waves to really start to erode the beach
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especially areas to the south of here towards the cape hatteras national seashore where the land is very thin and the dunes aren't very high. so we could see some overwash in those areas where the water actually goes into the sound and cuts a hole between the ocean and the sound, and that would cut off the residents down this. so, certainly that's something to be concerned about. also we're going to see winds here at least tropical storm strength and possibly gusting as high as hurricane force. it all will depend on the exact track of this storm. hatteras jumped out a little bit farther to the east of where we are right now. we're going to be watching it closely. we're starting to see the high clouds coming in from the south back to you. >> you're a meteorologist as am i this reintensification back to category 4 strength along with that track has stayed pretty consistent along the east coast if not slightly further inland now, a bit concerning with this storm for places like the outeba


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